TriFI Travel Class

“The world is a book, and those who don't travel only read one page.” ― St Augustine

When was the last time you visited Europe?

Have you been to the Olympics recently?

Using the strategies form this class, these are not uncommon trips for our group. The price of this class is covered from the savings on your very first trip.

If that's not enough information for you to signup now and take the class, keep reading. We've got more to tell you about exploring the world with the TriFI Travel Class.

Have you been putting off travel “until your can afford it”?

After learning what we teach in this travel class, we have heard a new problem arises…

“You will need to find ways to take more time off for trips, now that you can fly anywhere at such low cost.”

Come learn how to fly anywhere in the world for a fraction of the cost. Never pay full price for flights again. We will teach you how our students fly for less than $100 per flight internationally and less than $20 domestically. We are passionate about helping others travel – personal finances should never be the barrier to your journey.

  • Aaron flew to India for $90 and took his friends down to the Caribbean for $12 round-trip per person.
  • Frank has flown to Europe repeatedly for under $100 round-trip per person.

Tested travel training

The techniques we go over in this class opened up the world for us and removed the cost barrier to our exploration of this beautiful planet we share. Our members have personally flown all over the world for minimal financial expenses.

  1. holiday weekend in the Caribbean
  2. fly to Hawaii for the summer
  3. spend a few months touring Europe
  4. explore the globe with a round-the-world trip

Yea, we've helped people do all this an more. If you want to go on one of these adventures, or have something unique in mind, we'll show you how to do that on a budget so you can hit the road ASAP.

TriFI Travel Class

This is a formal classroom setting so please bring something to take notes with, paper, pen, etc. Please arrive on time as we have a lot to cover. We will email out a brief summary with links to all attendees after the class.

Support TriFI and save

As a special bonus for our Patreon supporters, we offer a discount on this and all our classes. Check your Patreon account for a discount code to use with the TriFI Travel Class, or join our Patreon supporters now and start saving today.
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