We are a dedicated group of financial professionals working to research and develop effective resources for our members’ financial independence. We strive to create accessible tools and techniques in order to promote greater financial literacy for all. Building reliable financial education for adults is our passion and we hope you can join us for one of our events.

Who We Are?

Our Founders

Aaron Goldfarb

Aaron Goldfarb is a financial consultant who primarily focuses on sustainable business development.  He took his years of experience as a chef, stock trader, and production manager and moved into the private consulting field after recognizing common needs among clients and colleagues from various socioeconomic classes. Driven by his deep belief in the power of travel to broaden one’s perspective and learn from other cultures, Aaron built, developed, and leads the Triangle Financial Independence Group as well as the Triangle Travel Lovers based out of Raleigh, NC.  Through the travel group, Aaron has traveled all over the world, circling the Earth and building relationships globally, while teaching others of low to middle-income levels how to take advantage of financial systems to explore and make traveling an attainable financial goal. He developed several courses for cost-effective traveling techniques and financial education for his groups and now seeks to expand beyond the Research Triangle. Currently, Aaron works with the Triangle Financial Independence Group to develop a series of educational tools for building wealth, eliminating debt, cutting the cost of living expenses, and increasing quality of life for those exploited by predatory financial practices.

Frank Jones

Frank Jones is a digital nomad and entrepreneur that has been building things on the internet since 1999. He is the Director of Marketing at OptSus and enjoys location independence by working from his laptop anywhere there is WiFi. He organizes the Raleigh SEO Meetup, the Raleigh SEO Conference, and the Triangle Tiny House Meetup. He also hosts the WordPress Help Desk events in RTP. These endeavors have lead Frank to help develop the Triangle Financial Independence Group as a way to help others learn to travel and manage their finances. All of this leads to helping people have more freedom to live and work where and how they choose.


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