TriFI Financial Services

In addition to our free local events, Triangle Financial Independence offers several personal and professional financial services to our community members and partners at very reasonable rates. We take our fiduciary duty to our clients very seriously. The first question we ask in all our dealings should always be “Does this serve our clients best interests?” TriFI endeavors to design all our tools and services in a manner benefiting your goals first before our own. We work on a variable pricing scale based on the business needs of our clients so please contact us for an initial financial evaluation for $25.

Personal Services

Online Financial Guides

Download a PDF of one of our streamlined personal finance guides filled with links to online tools for whatever subject peaks your interest. Our guides start at $5 each and we publish new content as we complete our research and development process.

Travel Planning

We are passionate about helping others explore this wide and wonderful world we all share. To achieve this we offer our discounted services in researching and planning a fantastic and cost effective trip for you.

Credit and Debt Analysis

We go over your existing loans and credit cards and work with you to develop a plan to reduce your overall debt and build your credit score.

Financial Education Classes

Our in person classes are designed for accessibility toward all education levels.  Check out our meetup page for upcoming ways to learn better personal financial habits.

Budget Analysis and Development

We look over your personal expenses and work with you to develop a realistic budgeting plan for your lifestyle.

Hobby Monetization

Want to develop your hobbies into income streams? We work with you to design an action plan for your passions incorporating your personal skill set.

Resume Editing

Selling yourself can be hard for a lot of us. Send us your resume and schedule a digital consultation.

Career Coaching

Discuss your career goals with us and we'll work with you to develop a timeline and action plan toward building your future.

Contact us about any of these personal services, or business-to-business equivalents:

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